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President's Message 

Tan Chun Hai 

President - OMSSS

Dear Colleagues


It is my honour to be elected as the President of the OMSSS.  I am following the footsteps of some great leaders who helmed the society before me.  OMSSS was formed in 2011 by individuals from different healthcare domains who were motivated and committed in pursuing a goal; to unite us as a society in the ever diversifying management of obesity in Singapore.

I intend to keep that tradition going and to contribute further to the development of OMSSS as a unifying force for our members in Singapore whilst building network with our counterparts in the Regional societies. 

As the OMSSS approaches our 12th year, it is an opportunity for us to ramp up and work with confidence towards the continued growth of our society. OMSS will strive to represent the voice of our members.

The next two years comes as a challenge for my team of EXCO members, as we continue to develop activities and projects that will benefit our members.  Please do regularly visit the tab on “Events” for invitations to these programmes. 

Our second challenge is to increase our numbers in the society. We look forward to welcoming those who are interested to join the folds of OMSSS.  Application for membership is simple and you can do this online at this website as well. 

Several opportunities will be available throughout the year to meet up for certification/education as well as networking with individuals within our society.  Networking is an important part of our professional growth. The OMSSS has a wealth of knowledge, and when combined with the networking opportunities, it will create long term relationships which I have personally found to be priceless.

For our current members and industry partners, I look forward to serving you and to a  productive successful presidency. 


Yours sincerely 
Tan Chun Hai 
President - OMSSS

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